Saturday, November 6


Honestly, I don't have a theme or anything coherent to say. My brain has been on frazzle mode for the past week trying to stretch myself in various directions for all of my commitments.

What's important though, is that I'm going back to Paris in 11 days! I'm extremely excited to eat croissants and sit on the smelly metro, but I haven't had much time to prepare myself because of previously mentioned commitments. I absolutely must finish this journalism school application before leaving. Yikes. If that doesn't light a fire under me I'm not sure what will.

 Consequentially, my blog is suffering from my lack of spare time. Sorry, kids. At times, having more on your mind makes it more difficult to write, and here I would have thought the craziness would have provided me with endless material!

Though, here's a strange thought: I'm actually enjoying the cooler temperatures. I missed out on a proper Michigan fall last year, and everything from the crunch leaves to the wind gusts makes it feel more like home.

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