Sunday, January 9

America is Still Strange!

Thank you to everyone who has made a comment to me in the past month or so about how they miss my updates. It's extremely encouraging to write knowing that someone may have benefited from reading my ramblings, especially at a time when I feel that my current life situation lacks dramatic intrigue.

Here I am, my fifth attempt at writing a new blog in the past week or so. It wasn't so much a spout of writer's block that stopped me, if anything I have been writing more than usual, even making it a habit to wake up early and write for thirty minutes before starting my day. It's more that I have been at a loss as to the direction in which I would like to take this blog. Fifth time's a charm!

I've been living at home in Michigan for over four months now, with a two week trip to France in November to keep me sane. It may or may not have worked. That's for you to judge. This four month mark has been the most difficult so far. The ants in my pants to get on with the next big thing life has to offer seem to be procreating at an ungodly rate, but at the same time I feel that I am starting to accept my circumstances more with each day. I did choose them, after all.

My passions are starting to make themselves clearer, and some recent purging of garbage bags full of my unused belongings has cleared up some much needed plots in my brain for creativity to build it's masterpieces... at least I hope so. If anything, I've spent a lot of time observing the people around me, listening to the things they have to say, and I've had several revelations while hearing the comments my friends have to make about their life situations.

While I understand that every generation has struggles, I can only speak for my own age group, and I notice a serious lack of conversation between gen-y-ers, twentysomethings, post-graduates or whatever you want to call us, about the struggles that we are going through and how to find what we're looking for. We are now facing a forest of unknowns instead of a well paved path, and from what I've gathered, we're all freaking out.

On my free time I have been writing about my experiences since graduating college, half of which occurred on foreign soil, and how they have helped to teach me many lessons that I believe I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I hope that by  putting these experiences into words they will serve to help overwhelmed and frightened counterparts of mine to realize that in life, there is actually nothing of which to be afraid, only discoveries to be made. (Didn't mean for that to rhyme, actually).

So voilĂ , there you have it. I am no better off than anyone else my age, I merely have a desire to help to motivate young people to find what they are looking for, and will use this blog as a tool.

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