Monday, February 28

Barcelona in Pictures

I began writing this blog entry in my composition notebook on the plane ride over the Atlantic Ocean.

I spent a most enjoyable eleven days traveling and visiting with friends who are really more like family. I spent the first four days of my trip in Barcelona with Momo. It was especially wonderful to get away from the snowpocalypse that has sucked the life out of my home state.

Barcelona in pictures:
The "Arc de Triumf" near our Hostal. Much smaller yet prettier than the Parisian version.

Self-explanatory: a sailboat and myself

La Sagrada Famiglia. Construction began in 1885 and won't be finished until 2026!

The "W" Hotel is shaped like a sail.

FC Barcelona Stadium

Out on a sunny day overlooking Barcelona...

On the cable car above Barcelona

Enjoying the view and the beautiful, yet windy, weather.

My favorite things about Barcelona:
  • The people didn't make me feel (too) bad about speaking English.
  • Eating dinner at 10:00pm and being a part of the "early crowd".
  • Parc Guell with the excellent view of the city and architecture by Gaudi.
  • Sunshine in February! (Rain, too, is better than snow with temps above 50 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Barcelona is a walkable city with a clean metro system. Au contraire, Paris is a semi-walkable city with a famous métro system containing bacteria never found anywhere else in the world.

While I spent almost half of my trip in Paris, I really didn't take any pictures. I think I had worn myself out from the hundreds I seem to have taken in Spain.


  1. i've always wanted to go to Barcelona. one of these days :-) its looks like such a beautiful place. glad you had a nice time.

    *stopping by from for the love of blogs

  2. Looks like it was a blast. I hope to visit the tomatina I think it's called one day. Hey I just visited your old blog, I think you gut a really cool blog coming along. If you ever decide to move to your own domain and need help, I've learned a ton about blogging and internet marketing over the years now and love helping people. take care!

  3. Hopped over from Comment Love on FTLOB. Those photos are so pretty--my parents just got back from a trip to Spain last night. Now I'm jealous of them AND you!

  4. Barcelona is such a mystical and gorgeous city, especially all of the Gaudi buildings that are scattered about. Your pictures are amazing.