Sunday, September 26

Goat Cheese Tart

On Thursday I made a Barefoot Contessa goat cheese tart for my mom and I to eat for dinner. Let me say, it was delicious! So delicious, in fact that I made it again tonight for dinner.

Motivation for making this yum-o dinner stemmed from the fact that finding appetizing foods to eat has been one of the more difficult things for me since I got back Michigan. Before returning, I had made a mental list of all of the comfort foods that I wanted to eat. 

Well, I'm here to say that I tried all of them-- fried chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, Wendy's, Arby's, the works, and I haven't found one of them that tastes as good now as it did a year ago, au contraire, I personally find feeling like a grease bomb after I eat to be an unpleasant sensation, but to each their own!

Humph... I guess it's time to learn to cook, though as I mentioned in my entry about the grocery store, even cooking has its challenges because the ingredients themselves can't even compare. Maybe I should channel Julia Childs?

You can find the recipe by going to this site, though I did change mine a little. I give it 5 stars!


  1. Instead of me making the recipe, can you do it instead? I will be over in 5. Also, side note: for a long time I thought the show was called "Barefoot Contessa: In a Garden". When I found out Ina Garten was her name I felt a bit silly.

  2. Ok I'll have a party soon and make the tart but the deal is y'all have to come, ya hear?