Wednesday, September 22

An Ode to Smart Phones

Smart Phone Saves A Trip to Chi-Town

Last weekend I made the trek with a few friends, new and old, to Chicago for a reunion with other friends from Paris and from high school. It was a fabulous time!

As dorky as it may sound, I believe that this weekend trip really helped me to rebond with America, and now we can be homies again. I realized that it's really unpleasant to constantly battle with the country you live in, though the cheese is still giving my digestive system a run for its money.

Imperfections exist everywhere, like in Michigan City, Indiana, for example. Apparently it was too difficult for the Northern Indiana Commuter Train system to post online that they would shut down several of their stations over the weekend, including the one we needed. We did not discover this rather vital information until parking, buying round-trip tickets, and waiting at the tracks for a few minutes. Ultimately 21st century cell phone technology came to our rescue to find our route to Gary, Indiana, home of the Music Man song, Michael Jackson, and a boatload of drunks at 3pm.

Only evidence of the trip, though not enough to prove I was in Chicago.

It was absolutely necessary to feel like an explorer in my own country again, something I realized while gazing out of the dirty train window. The midwest is not beautiful, or full of intellectuals, but I remember a time when riding that commuter train into Chicago felt like such an adventure. It was at this moment that I could really appreciate everything I have already done, while at the same time feeling like a complete stranger.

Smart Phones and the Pursuit of Happiness

So in the past three weeks Courtney has learned that while she believes in minimalism and frugality, no one wants to spend the age 22 being bored and restless. What did she do? She bought an iPhone.

I had this idea that moving home would allow me to continue a lifestlyle of limiting every expense possible. I wouldn't spend money on rent, I would limit my driving to save money on gas, and despite this impossible frugality I would somehow be marvelously happy spending my days with the dog and my nights watching television. This was very wrong. I hope I have learned my lesson.

As of tomorrow afternoon I hope to be the proud owner of an iPhone 4, a present I bought for myself because, well, I wanted it. Accepting the fact that some material goods can make me happy was hard, because I now have to accept that my life is going to be expensive. Whose isn't?

A Big Thank You (And Not to Smart Phones)

In the past few years writing has become a huge part of my life, so much so, in fact, that I would like to pursue writing as a career. I really have to thank all of you that have been reading my blogs, my main writing outlet, and giving me such positive feedback! It means the world to me, and because of that I am asking of you to keep me going mentally by becoming an official follower of my blog and leaving me some comments if you have the time!

I am making a promise right now that I am going to start writing daily, and moral support from all of you would help me reach my goal!


  1. I also struggled with the idea of getting a smart phone. Actually when I was in France, my company gave me one but I refused to use the internet on it. Technology has come a long way though, I soon discovered once I caved and bought a Samsung Intercept (Droid). I hate to say it, but I love it. Instant access to email, the weather, sudoku....I have officially crossed over....

    Btw- Im glad to see I am not the only one who had a difficult transition back to "The American Way of Life."

    Continue the writing!


  2. Clair, I am thrilled that I will finally be on the forefront of technology for once in my life! I'm sure it will become my new best friend and I will probably have to give it a name, haha.