Sunday, April 10

My "New" Typewriter

On Saturday I visited my grandparents in East Lansing and got lots of goodies to bring home!

I've been lusting after typewriters lately, and they happened to have one to give me:

I'm new to the typewriter world, but I'm really excited to get it all oiled and set up to write.

My mom was telling me how annoying it was to use typewriters to write college papers because you weren't allowed to make any errors. I'm really glad that I have a computer to use for formal purposes, and the typewriter to use for fun.

How about you? Do you like using typewriters in the twenty-first century? Why or why not?


  1. Ohh, I love typewriters, but I agree - they're good for fun, with computers for formal things.
    I've never used one, though, so really I'm going solely on how they look. I think we have a more modern one somewhere in my house, though.

  2. Found you on the blog hop! Hi! I love that typewriter! My husband and I moved into his grandparents old house (FULL OF OLD STUFF) and we found an awesome old typewriter! Have fun. :)

  3. I love typewriters! When I lived in the Philippines thats what I used to write papers. They were only third grade papers, but it was so exciting to use one. There were computers around but my family could only afford typewriters. Anyway just leaving a little comment love! Enjoy your typewriter! :)

  4. Just stopping by from the blog hop and oh do I love that typewriter! I used to play with my mom's when I was little...but haven't used one in my adult life. You'll have to share how things go!

  5. OMGoodness, I love your style! Something about an old typewriter that make my heart smile =)