Saturday, March 26

Best Authors of All Time

I'm working on a project and I could really use some of your help.

Who are your top three favorite fiction authors of all time?

You don't necessarily have to tell me why, but if you'd like to I would love to hear it!

My favorites (at the moment):

1. Marcel Proust

2. Oscar Wilde

3. Ernest Hemingway (I'm reading A Moveable Feast right now)


  1. Jane Austin, Mary Kelly, Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald

    But I am such an Austin fanatic, it's almost embarrassing...

  2. Stephen King, John Steinbeck and Paulo Cohelo (i m not sure if it s the good speling...) but they are my favourites for different reasons, Stephen King because for me he is a real science fiction genius, Steinbeck coz usually his books touch feeling and human relation, and Cohelo coz his books usually makes me travel and think about lot of things.... But maybe they are not the best of all the time, but my favourites...

  3. Jane Austin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marcel Proust

  4. Edgar Allan Poe (his dark words inspire me), Ernest Hemingway (short, terse sentences that penetrate the reader and leave them always wanting more), William Faulkner (a challenge to me. I can't read one of his stories without feeling the need to dive deep within myself for answers to questions I may not want the answer to).

  5. J.R.R. Tolkien (best fantasy writer), James Clavell (best historical fiction writer), and Christopher Moore (I can't stop laughing while I'm reading his books).