Tuesday, March 15

Inappropriate Winter Footwear

Last Tuesday, I roamed the hallways of the local mall in my long coat, knit scarf, and leather boots. This winter has been a brutal one, for sure-- which is why I was shocked to see a posse of teenage girls wearing flip-flops during their winter shopping trip.

While I must admit that I am sick of wearing the same leather boots every day, I know one thing for certain-- it is still much too cold to wear flip flops.

Sadly, when I was in high school I know that I did the same thing. I remember my mom telling me I was crazy as I walked out the door with minimal foot protection. The sandals made me feel rebellious and free. I scoffed at my mom's opinions on my footwear.

The thing is, flip-flop fashion is a uniquely American thing. While living in Paris in the fall of 2009, an American friend spoke of her bewilderment at how French people seemed to know she was American just by looking at her.

"French people don't wear flip flops" I told her bluntly. She stared down at her feet in confusion and then looked at everyone's footwear around us. She knew that I was right.

In the French opinion, flip flops are beach footwear-- not appropriate for daily life, and especially not appropriate for cold, snowy weather. So please, American teenagers, I know that it's difficult, but please hold on for just a couple of months before bringing those multicolored, plastic contraptions out of your closet. Your feet  will thank you!


  1. So true. I remember the first week it snowed this year I saw a man walking down the street in shorts, AND flip flops. It was a blizzard!

  2. You were listening !!!! A mom is never sure :)

  3. lol! I'm guilty of wearing my converse low tops year round. Thats not so bad is it? Nice to meet another michigan blogger btw :)

  4. I found your Eurocourt blog on Expat blog, and followed you here. You were so interesting and fun on that blog, but here you are a bit of a snob. Can't you have opinions without being so judgmental? Ugh.

  5. Marlie, I'm not sure if you'll see this comment on here. Your comment has really thrown me off guard. I'd be interested in knowing how I am coming off as a snob-- it is my last of intentions.

    Please let me know if you have some constructive criticism for me by emailing me at johnstco@gmail.com. Otherwise, I am disinclined to take a somewhat anonymous and hurtful comment very seriously.