Sunday, March 6

My First Freelance Article Submission

Today I submitted my first freelance article to a print magazine. I know that the chances of being published are slim to none, and that many writers submit hundreds of articles before being published, but this is an exciting moment for me indeed.

The publication is called Skirt! and you can find them at their website.

Here is a picture from their current issue titled "What if?" Let's just say that it hit a chord with me.

"Could you move, master a foreign language, marry a foreigner?
What's really stopping you?

The world or your will?"


  1. Good luck, Courtney. I blogsurfed my way here, I'm going to hop over to your other blog to take a look - I lived in Paris for a year and had a year abroad in Italy many years ago. I'm curious to see how life was like for you in France!

  2. Hi, Courtney! Your blog hit a cord with me :), and I can answer yes to all 3 of your questions, as I did move abroad, learned the language, and married a foreigner. Do visit my blog if you'd like to read all about my adventures! In the meantime, I'm your latest follower, found you on FTLOB.

    Nice to met you,

  3. How exciting! So glad to have stumbled upon your lovely. Love that photo with the graphics. I'd love you to join me for my Expat Linky Party on March 19th ;) XoL

  4. That's great! I hope that you definitely get published. And if you don't, submit another 10. I learned when I was in sales I wasn't the best salesman, actually I sucked, but I knew noone could outwork me. As long as you "creating art everyday" as Hugh MacLeod says, in your case articles you'll succeed.

  5. Hi from Mingle Monday!

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad I found your blog! I'm only 16 and still in high school, but it is my ULTIMATE dream to travel abroad to France. I'm swooning at the picture! ;)
    Good luck on the article. :)


  6. Good luck with your article. That magazine looks like a lot of fun, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  7. That's a beautiful, beautiful picture. Wishing you all the best with your submission!

  8. Just wanted to make sure that I said a big THANK YOU to everyone for their support!!!