Tuesday, March 8

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? A Worthy Debate

My life must be pretty hard that my most pressing concern is weather to purchase a Macbook Pro or a MacBook Air, both of which have their pros and cons. I figured I should use my blog to ask you, the people, your opinion on the matter.

So, let the battle begin!


  1. I once had a macbook air, and it honestly did not have enough memory for me. That being said, they're both good machines.

  2. As long as it is Mac, who cares, haha. JK. I have heard about all the over heating problems with the Air. Scary to risk if you save lots on your computer. I am happy with my old 'ghetto' mac book :)

  3. Don't listen to that crazy TexaGN. Macs are for hippies and lefties.

    Get yourself a nice, American made Toshiba laptop with plenty of power to run Call of Duty.

    Ok, fair enough, I probably didn't help with the debate much.

    Found you from FTLOB- nice to meet you!


  4. OMG you turned off word verification!!

    Thank you! I take back all my previous snark.

    Get both Macs- you deserve them!

    See that, readers/bloggers? Turn it off!!!

  5. Haha I almost put a disclaimer at the top of my post saying "please no comments about how PCs are better than Macs" but then I wouldn't have received your hilarious remarks! So happy that you stopped by, Caleb!