Thursday, March 17

Spring? Is that you?

Yesterday I enjoyed a blazing 55 degrees!

Messing around with my mom's camera (learning about shutter speeds and whatnot), I decided to venture outside and take some pictures of this most beautiful day!

I am obsessed with this picture of the tomato plant (see the remnants of last year's fruits?)
So sunny! I love it!!!

Kona's sick of having his picture taken, but he looks adorable!

How are you spending these first days of spring weather?


  1. Oh, I am so jealous! There is still so much snow here! And although it did get up to 40 degrees, it is supposed to snow tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.
    I put together bouquets of white tulips to give me a little bit of spring... but it's just not the same...
    Enjoy the sunshine and warmth!

  2. How else, but working? haha, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get outside and enjoy the sun!

  3. I can not wait until I feel Spring! I live in Arizona. I am so over our cold weather!